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What is Israel U-nity Week?

Israel U-nity Week, a new initiative created by Campuses for Israel, is a pro-Israel nationwide event on college campuses in order to highlight Israel in positive ways and to truly be united everywhere for one week. Although some university pro-Israel clubs do events throughout the year, Israel
U-nity Week will bring everyone in support together uniformly. Israel Unity Week 2014 will occur from February 9th to February 15th. If you would like for your school to participate, click the “Get Involved” button above and learn how to bring Israel U-nity Week 2014 to your campus.

What is Campuses For Israel?

Campuses for Israel, founded in May 2013, is a grassroots organization designed by students for students. Created as the first social networking website for university pro-Israel clubs to connect and exchange ideas, Campuses for Israel has spread to over 40 campuses nationwide. Israel U-nity Week is a product of collective collaboration through the social networking website.


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When is Israel U-nity Week 2014 being held?

Israel U-nity Week will be held from February 9th to the 15th.

Why is it called “Israel U-nity Week”?

The purpose of Israel U-nity Week is to unite pro-Israel student communities across the country and to display on a “united” front to the public.

Why is there a dash in the word Unity?

In order to highlight the college/university aspect of this event, we decided to add a dash to the word Unity. This is an event solely for college level campuses nationwide.

Is any campus able to participate in Israel
U-nity Week?

Israel U-nity Week is open to any university campus that would like to participate. Due to the amount of work put into Israel U-nity Week by Campuses For Israel, only campuses that are already members of Campuses for Israel are able to host Israel U-nity Week. This is in an effort to ensure a successful outcome on all campuses. However, signing up for Campuses For Israel is FREE, fast, and easy and can be done on our website at

Can anyone attend any event during
Israel U-nity Week?

Events during Israel U-nity Week are hosted by pro-Israel clubs located on college level campuses across the country. Attendance to these events is left to the discretion of the club and its campus. We invite you to check out the “Find Events” page of our website and to explore the Facebook Event Page for each event to learn more.

Participating Campuses

Participating Campuses

Thanks to the tremendous support of campuses across the country, Israel U-nity Week 2014 for its first year will be occurring from coast to coast across the United States. All campuses that are part of Campuses For Israel have been invited to participate. The campuses below have already committed to hosting events for Israel U-nity Week 2014 with more being added regularly.

Boston University

Northeastern University

University of California: Los Angeles

University of Southern California

New York University

University of California: Irvine

University of Central Florida

University of Minnesota

University of Miami

University of Georgia

As more campuses finalize their events and officially sign on for Israel U-nity Week 2014, we will update the list above. Want your campus to participate? Click the “Get Involved” button in the navigation menu.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

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Want to become a sponsor of Israel U-nity Week 2014? E-mail us at

Get Involved

Get Involved

We’re so happy you are as excited for Israel U-nity Week 2014 as we are and want to get involved! Israel U-nity Week 2014 is being hosted on campuses across the country so don’t let your school miss out on the fun! Below are two ways you can bring Israel U-nity Week 2014 to your campus. You might want to get moving because Israel U-nity Week 2014 is fast approaching!

Part of Campuses For Israel?

You’re halfway there! First off, thanks for believing in us and being apart of Campuses For Israel! We’re excited you want to participate in Israel U-nity Week 2014! Your next step is to get in touch with your region’s Campus Coordinator. They have all the information you need to help your club participate in Israel U-nity Week 2014 including marketing materials, event ideas, and ways you can possibly get funding! So get in touch with your Campus Coordinator as soon as possible because Israel U-nity Week 2014 is coming up soon.

Not Part of Campuses For Israel?

You’re missing out on all the fun! Campuses For Israel is a new student-run organization that provides an online social network for pro-Israel clubs on college/university campuses in an effort to bring the pro-Israel student community together and allow them to communicate and help each other. In order to participate in Israel U-nity Week 2014, your school’s pro-Israel club needs to be apart of Campuses For Israel. But don’t worry, signing up and joining is easy and FREE. You can sign up and learn more about Campuses For Israel right HERE

Still have questions? No problem! E-mail us at

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Still have questions about Israel U-nity Week? No problem. We would be more than happy to tell you more. Below are some great ways you can contact us and learn more about Israel U-nity Week.

General Questions

Get in touch with us about your general questions about Israel U-nity Week by e-mailing us at

Sponsorship Questions

Want to sponsor Israel U-nity Week 2014? We’d love to talk to you and see how you or your organization can help us and our campuses around the country. If you’re interested, please send us an e-mail at

Campuses For Israel Questions

Want to know more about our parent organization Campuses For Israel? You can learn more about them through their website or you can e-mail them directly at

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